The website

Ampersunder is a website about writing, creativity, and trying to be a good human being.

The blog will cover topics like reading, happiness, curiosity, technology, learning, and productivity.

It eternally seeks a balance between producing, consuming, decluttering, being grateful, having fun, dwelling in the now, staying connected, pursuing solitude, not taking everything so seriously, and searching for the meaning of life.

The word

Ampersunder is a portmanteau or blend word of “ampersand” and “sunder”.

The combination of these two words refers to a concept of how art is made and how the universe works: Putting things together and taking them apart. Breaking them down and building something new. Forming and erasing. Because everything is made of the same matter.

As Picasso said, “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.”

The author

Laura Joldersma writes and runs Ampersunder from her home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada where she lives with her husband, Scott David Herman. You can contact Laura by email here.

The inspiration

Many places on the web have inspired Ampersunder. Here are a few of them:

Brain Pickings, Literary Hub, Electric Lit, Book Riot, The Paris Review, VelaDani ShapiroExtraordinary Routines, Writing Routines, Girls at LibraryArts and Letters DailyAustin KleonDerek Sivers, Cal Newport, Wait But WhyOpen Culture, The RumpusThe Millions, Read It Forward, Letters of NoteBrevity, and many more.

Is there a website you think I should be reading, or a specific essay or book I need to know about? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

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